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Offer Rule-based GiftWrap for each product and/or entire cart

What you can do with this plugin?

The main features of Woocommerce gift wrap plugin :

General Gift Rule

create the most general gift offering rules for different products,categories and etc

Buy X Get X

Buy any of defined products and get the same product as a gift

Buy X Get Y

Buy any of defined products and get a gift product which is defined as a gift

Subtotal Gift

Buy at defined subtotal and get a gift

Extensive Conditional Logic

Targete Products

  • Product
  • Product variation
  • Product category
  • Product tags
  • Product brands

Cart Properties

  • Cart subtotal
  • Coupons applied
  • Cart item count


  • Products in cart
  • Product variations in cart
  • Product categories in cart
  • Product tags in cart

Date & Time

  • Date
  • Time
  • Days of week
  • Day of the month
  • Daily

Customer Value

  • Order count

Customer Properties

  • Is logged in
  • Customer role
  • Specific customer

The best part?

  • You can combine them in any way you like!

What will be happened on your front-end?

Select Gift On Cart Page

You can define cart based rules (filter any products, categories, brands), so your customers can select gift wrap on cart page.

Show Gift In Grid and Carousel Mode

Select which type of displaying do you like, Grid 0r Carousel

Three Different Layouts For Show Gift

You can choose how gift wrap item displays (from three ready to use template)


All the times, All the days

Advanced WooCommerce Gift Wrap plugin is super easy to install and use with a complete documentation. Also if you need help we are here and will be glad to support you.

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